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We're a Story Driven
Creative Agency

Passion-filled visual storytelling - our work is rooted in growth strategies woven with clarity across the entire brand experience. By crafting compelling messaging and visuals that are engaging, emotive and evocative, we aim to spark action and shift mindsets to shape a more meaningful world through our work.


We Elevate Brands

We're on a mission to create quality story-driven creative. Our partners want to connect with their audiences and position as leaders in their industry - from websites; to integrated strategies; to brand identities; to cinematic videos; to social communities - we're here as their creative partner to help amplify and elevate their brands and most importantly create authentic connections with their audiences.

Our partners trust in the soul and craft that we bring to our work and in our ability to dig deep and aim high - out of this world high.





The Project

A well-developed strategy will map a path to success. Data driven insights provide clarity and inspiration. This informs strategies and stories powering change and growth across all modern marketing platforms.

Brand Communication

  • Identity and Positioning
  • Brand and Innovation Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • Guidelines and Systems
  • Art Direction

Brand, the most valuable (and undervalued) asset an organization has, it is the foundation of value creation. A major influence of how customers perceive you, branding, helps achieve pricing goals and can reduce the cost of marketing. The strength of a brand can directly enhance or hinder the bottom-line performance of an organization – now tell us that’s not a reason to invest in your brand.

Experiential Design

  • Spatial Design
  • eCommerce and Websites
  • Packaging
  • Business Assets

Our goal with marketing is to strategically cut through the noise placing your brand story in the right places at the right time.


  • Social Media
  • Paid Ads
  • Experience Marketing
  • SEO

From media campaigns to compelling social content; well produced storytelling can illuminate your Brand and help it stand out amidst all the noise.

Content Production

  • Content Strategy
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Copywriting

Some Really Awesome Partners That Trust Us.


How We Do It

It’s simple. We’ll refine the look, feel, voice and selling proposition of your brand, then develop a storyline to guide the creation of communications and experiences that drive growth.

Brand Storytelling + Purpose Driven Growth

Meet & Greet.

First, we meet up: drinks, coffee, phone or Zoom; no matter how it happens we use this opportunity to get an initial sense of each other and the project. Sometimes we’re a match made in heaven, sometimes we’re not right for each other, and that’s o.k. – we’re happy to recommend another firm.

Discovery + Design.

This is our time to dig deep to discover the insights that will lend to mapping a path to success. Your Brand purpose guides the strategies and stories that power growth across all modern marketing platforms.

Strategy + Innovation.

Next, we dive into brand strategy infused with data driven insights. This step is full of the wonderful clarity and inspiration that spark experience innovations across the entire customer journey.

Action + Execution.

Now it’s time for action! We implement and action the innovative tactics outlined in the strategy phase. Through compelling and immersive experiences, we action your purpose and strategy across your entire Brand ecosystem.

Analyze + Optimization.

Finally, we step back to analyze our progress. Engagement, investment and loyalty are the name of the game and are realized through conversion-focused solutions. We analyze data and track performance so we can refine our tactics to further enhance growth.

Kind words from our partners.

"We appreciate the hard work, creativity and dedication the team at Ferdinand put into making this project a great success."
Don Levasseur
Director of Sales
- Doubletree by Hilton Kamloops
"Our experience was very positive, due to the professionalism, openness and guidance from the team at Ferdinand. Much appreciated."
Angela Tasker
Regional Director of Sales, Revenue & Marketing
- Mundi Hotel Enterprises Inc.

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