St'uxwtéws_Healing Gathering

The Secwépemc people of British Columbia would traditionally gather their resources following the rhythm of the seasons, moving with the flow of varying resource abundance, which they called seasonal rounds.

To this day, the Secwépemc people still follow the rhythm of the seasonal rounds, and in the Spring of 2022, a partnership between the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council and host Bonaparte First Nation a gathering was held at Historic Hat Creek Ranch as an opportunity for communities to come together for the first time to reconnect following the pandemic.

During the pandemic, the Secwépemc people experienced loss in their communities and could not come together as they traditionally would to honour the passing of their community members. In addition, during the pandemic, the discoveries of the unmarked graves at the Kamloops Indian Residential School brought to light the injustices faced by the children forced to attend the school and the families impacted.

This gathering was an opportunity to unite and support one another in healing. We were honoured to be invited to tell the story of this Healing Gathering

  • Agency: Ferdinand
  • Director/Producer: Michael Collins
  • DP: Josef Perszon
  • PA: Theresa Mayhew
  • Edit/Color: Josef Perszon
  • Production: Gravity Fair